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Swimming Pool Discharge Guidelines

Post Date:05/03/2018 11:33 AM

Swimming pool owners are very familiar with this time of year. 'Tis the season for pool owners to specifically treat pool waters for the upcoming season. With that, there are a lot of chemicals used, quite a bit of draining, cleaning and treating while re-filling.

It is extremely important to know what a detrimental effect chemically treated swimming pool waters can have on our streams and associated echo systems. The most common practice that puts our streams in jeopardy is when pool water is drained onto the driveway which allows the water to flow down, making its way along the street curb then into the Township storm systems. It is important to realize that these system lead right to our streams which will impact our beloved wild life significantly.

The Township does provide a structured permit program allowing the ability to discharge pool waters in this fashion. But only with prior notice, permit and the oversight provided by the Township Engineering Department. If you have any questions, contact the Township at 610-644-1400. Below you will find information on pool discharge guidelines.

Guidelines for waste water discharge (including swimming pool and hot tubs):

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) regulates waste water discharge and has provided guidelines for waste water discharge [PDF] that all residents must follow.

Authorized discharge into the sanitary sewer system: One option residents have to comply with DEP's guidelines is to discharge water into the sanitary sewer system - with Township approval. The Public Works Department will grant approval if the residents follow the DEP Guidelines for waste water disposal, the water conforms to the sewage treatment plant requirements, and there is a public sewer in close proximity to the pool discharge point. The cost for the discharge is $6.51 per thousand (1,000) gallons.

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