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The Tredyffrin Township Historical Commission advises Township staff, as well as the various Boards and Commissions, on matters concerning the preservation of historic resources. The Commission is also tasked with spearheading projects to raise awareness and encourage stewardship of these unique and invaluable resources. Below is a list of Township documents related to historic preservation, all of which are available for viewing at the Township Building:

  • Tredyffrin Township Historical Sites (1997) 
  • Tredyffrin Township Historic Resources Survey (2003) - view here
  • Tredyffrin Township Historic Preservation Plan (2009) - view here
  • Tredyffrin Township Historic Resources Atlas (2011) - view here 
  • Historic Preservation Chapter of the Comprehensive Plan (2009) - view here 
  • Historic Resource Overlay District (Zoning) - view here 

Historical Commission Members: The Commission consists of up to nine (9) members, appointed by the Board of Supervisors, all of whom serve three (3) year, overlapping terms (see list of current Members below).

Matt Forester, Chair
Josh Talley, Vice Chair  
Robin Briggs
Greg Reif
Amanda Lafty, Staff Liaison 

Contact the Historical Commission via email.

Meetings: Historical Commission meetings are held quarterly. The meetings are held in the Community Room at the Township Building and are open to the public. Meeting minutes and agendas can be found below.

Meeting Agendas & Minutes

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