Annual Audits


Year Ended December 31, 2015

Elected Auditor: The Elected Auditor serves for a 4-year term beginning on the first Monday of January following the year in which he/she is elected. The Elected Auditor must be a resident of the Township and must be qualified by education, training, or experience in accounting or financial management to perform the duties of the office. The current Township Auditor is Lynn Shine. Her role is to provide oversight to the annual independent audit process by: Meeting with the outside auditors at the beginning phase of the audit to discuss procedures and any concerns the outside auditors have; Receiving and reviewing copies of the audit reports and associated letters; and Attending an audit exit interview with the Board Of Supervisors to discuss the results of the audits and provide comment on how well it went and any issues.

Appointed Auditor: Barbacane Thornton & Company, LLP is the appointed independent public accounting firm that conducts the Township’s annual audit of financial accounts, records and procedures.