Property Tax


Chester County assesses properties for real estate tax purposes, including the Township's, School District's, and County's tax. The last reassessment occurred in 1996-7. New properties are assessed by the County when built. All other properties still have the same assessments unless they were appealed or some improvement or addition requiring a building permit prompted a reassessment by the County. Assessments can be obtained from the Chester County Assessor’s Office

Statement of Assessment Valuations (as of 2015)

 Type of Property  Total Value  # of Parcels
 Residential  $2,526,276,435  11,251
 Commercial      $1,008,604,990  518
 Industrial  $17,027,590  6
 Agricultural  $5,800,880  11
 Totals:  $3,557,709,895  11,786


Tredyffrin's tax rate in 2016 is 2.380 mills. "Mills" are the amount each property is taxed per $1,000 valuation. For example, a property with an assessed value of $100,000 would pay $100,000 x .002380 = $238.00.

Entity  Millage Rate       Year
Tredyffrin Township      2.380  2016
Chester County  4.163                      2016
Tredyffrin-Easttown School District  20.9868                  FY 2015-16