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Reminder - Flood Hazard Controls

Post Date:09/11/2018 4:13 PM

As a reminder, residents who live in and around streams and floodplain areas in the Township should not place any yard debris (leaves, mulch piles, wood piles, branches, etc.), structures (fences, sheds, etc.), or other materials that may obstruct water flow or wash away and travel downstream during heavy rainfall/storm events.  Storing materials within floodplain areas can obstruct water flow during large storm events, and, in some cases, when those materials are moved downstream stream by floodwaters, they can become lodged in roadway and driveway culverts even further obstructing the flow of floodwaters into the Township’s rivers, creeks and streams.  Residents can refer to the Township Zoning Code (Section 208 -14, -15, and -15.1) for the Flood Hazard District regulations for specific details regarding the floodplain.

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