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Routine Sanitary Sewer Line Maintenance throughout Tredyffrin Township

Post Date:07/30/2020 8:31 AM

The Tredyffrin Township Sewer Department plans to do routine maintenance, known as flushing, on the following streets during the week of August 3rd through August 7th, 2020. This list only refers to routine maintenance:

  • North Valley Road from West Central Avenue to Fox Hill Lane
  • Thomas Road
  • Walker Road
  • Von Steuben Drive
  • Red Coat Lane
  • Bradford Lane
  • Pulaski Lane
  • Lexington Lane
  • Park Ridge Drive
  • Colonel DeWees Road
  • General Scott Road
  • Baron DeKalb Road
  • General McIntosh Road
  • Glenhardie Road
  • Old Eagle School Road from Swedesford Road to Walker Road

The Township maintains approximately 150 miles of sanitary sewer lines and 7 pump stations. As part of its program to minimize problems with the sanitary sewer lines, we perform flushing and video inspections. During the flushing, we use a high-pressure nozzle to go between manholes, using the water to scour or clean the lines. Many of our sewer lines run through right of ways in residents’ yards and there may be times when we need to take equipment through the right of ways to access our lines.

What might you expect if you live in the cleaning area:

  • During the video process, you will only see our crew working in the manholes in the area.
  • During the flushing process, you may hear a gurgling sound or bubbling in the toilet bowl and in rare cases, a small amount of water may splash out of your toilet bowl itself. The causes of this are air movement from the normal cleaning process from the high pressure line, a plugged roof vent in the home, the sewer line running close to the building or the size and complexity of the home’s waste and ventilation system. To minimize any splashing out of your bowl, make it a habit to keep your lid down.
  • You may smell sewer gas from your drains; if this occurs, flush your toilet(s) and pour water into your drains.
  • Sanitary sewer cleaning does not damage your sewer system. The water may come out in rare cases and comes from water that is normally in your homes system (traps) and not water from the sanitary sewer system in the street.

If you have any questions during this process please contact the Public Works Office at 610-408-3620. Thank you for your cooperation.

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