Historic Resource Plaque Program

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The Tredyffrin Township Historic Resource Plaque Program was initiated by the Historical Commission in an effort to raise awareness and encourage stewardship of historic resources in the Township – resources that contribute to the appreciation and understanding of our unique historical & architectural heritage. It is the goal of this program, through increased visibility and community awareness, to encourage the continuing care and preservation of these resources by placing a commemorative plaque on the property.

Plaques are available for any resource in Tredyffrin that meets the following guidelines & criteria:

  • The property was constructed prior to 1945 (unless special circumstances exist that are determined by the Hist), is well-maintained, and possesses one or more of the following additional criteria: 
    • Historical SignificanceA place which is or has been the site of a significant local, state or national event or has contributed to the civic, social or political history of Tredyffrin Township.
    • Architectural SignificanceA place that retains substantial historic fabric and configuration so that it expresses its original design.
  • Information provided, and included on the plaque, must be generally consistent with existing Township documents. 
  • The property appears to be in original condition and/or retains the overall integrity/character of the original  design.
  • Any exterior renovation work that is currently in progress must be completed prior to approval/installation.

Historical Plaque 1

Applications (which are available here and at the Township Building) are to be completed by the property owner, who will bear the cost to manufacture and maintain the plaque. The markers are cast in bronze and measure approximately 10"x7". Two plaque styles, using the same basic design template, are available:

  • Standard plaques include the Tredyffrin Township Logo, Historical Property heading, and Tredyffrin Township Historical Commission moniker.
  • Customized plaques allow the applicant to include (up to) an additional 3 lines of text (23 characters per line) to resource specific information - such as the building’s date of construction and historical information such as building’s name, original owner, builder, architect, and/or claim to fame.

All applications will be reviewed by the Historical Commission, using the information supplied by the applicant, as well as the various studies the Township has commissioned over the years. A full list of these studies is available here.

Please note that this is a strictly voluntary program, administered by the Historical Commission. The program is not related to any Township ordinances and does not place any restrictions or limitations on your property. Together we can celebrate the historic character of your home and our Township!


Commemorative Plaque Program Application