Routes 252 & 30 Intersection Improvements (Completed)

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Tredyffrin Township is the proud recipient of the 33rd Annual Road and Bridge Safety Improvement Award (Roadway category), presented at the 93rd Annual Educational Conference of the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors. The Township undertook the road and intersection improvement project as a short-term measure to address congestion and safety issues on Route 252 between Central Avenue and Route 30. An existing Amtrak bridge over Route 252 funnels down traffic from two lanes at the intersection to one lane under the bridge.

252 and 30 improvements

A feasibility study recommended three long-term remedies that would have cost between $55 million and $66 million and would include replacement of the bridge. Due to funding constraints, the Township opted for short-term mitigation to improve safety and traffic flow until funds are available to replace the bridge.

“We looked at how we could improve the existing infrastructure at a lower cost,” Township Engineer Stephen Burgo, P.E., says. “This was much more economical.”

The project, a partnership effort between PennDOT and Tredyffrin Township, was 100% Federally funded and included the following improvements:

  • shifting the northbound lanes on Route 252 south of Route 30 to align them with the lanes north of Route 30 to improve sight distance;
  • modifying the signal phasing to add left turn arrows on Route 252;
  • adding a turn lane on Route 252 southbound at its intersection with Maple Avenue, along with pavement markings, restriping, and curb revisions on Maple Avenue to improve vehicle turning movements;
  • adding pavement markings and signage on Route 252 north of the bridge to designate a formal lane merger, plus new sidewalks, pavement, drainage, striping, and delineators under the bridge;
  • adding pedestrian enhancements, such as new sidewalks and crosswalks, ADA-compliant ramps, and brick sidewalk inlays;
  • installing an adaptive signal system to respond to traffic volume and flow; and
  • installing emergency pre-emption traffic signal technology and vehicle detectors at the intersection of Routes 252 & 30. 
In 2013, the Township received State and Federal funding for the design of the improvements as recommended in the previous study. The Township obtained all of the necessary permits and review approvals through PennDOT as part of the design. The improvement plan included an adaptive traffic signal system at four signalized intersections to allow the timing of the signals to adjust based on real-time traffic conditions. The intersections include Route 30 (Lancaster Avenue) and Route 252 (Leopard Road/Bear Hill Road); Route 30 (Lancaster Avenue) and Paoli Shopping Center; Route 252 (Leopard Road) and Paoli Shopping Center; and Route 252 (Bear Hill Road) and Central Avenue. In addition to the new signal timing, the project included adding dedicated left turn arrows for turns from southbound and northbound Route 252 onto Route 30; improving the turning radiuses at the intersection of Route 30 and Route 252; milling and paving Route 252 between Central Avenue and Route 30; formalizing the merge from 2 lanes of traffic to 1 lane under the railroad bridge; building a new sidewalk along northbound Route 252 under the railroad bridge; and building new curb ramps.
In 2010/2011, the Township conducted a Feasibility Study [PDF] to determine potential alternatives to address existing deficiencies in the vicinity of the intersection of Routes 252 and 30. As part of the Feasibility Study, a Road Safety Assessment was performed by a consultant team in coordination with State, County, Township officials. This Assessment identified roadway, signal timing changes, and pavement marking improvements to address traffic and safety related concerns at the intersection as part of the short term recommendations.