Valley Creek Trunk Sewer Project

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Project Background

The Valley Creek Trunk Sewer (VCTS), owned and operated by Tredyffrin Township, serves Easttown, East Whiteland, Willistown, and Tredyffrin Townships as well as the Borough of Malvern and the Valley Forge Sewer Authority (VFSA). The VCTS conveys wastewater to the VFSA sewage treatment plant (STP) in Phoenixville.

Tredyffrin Township, in conjunction with the other municipalities completed an Act 537 study of the Valley Creek Trunk Sewer. The Act looks at the sanitary sewer system for capacity deficiencies so the municipalities can plan for ways to correct the problems to prevent future issues. The Township work with Buchart Horn, Inc for the design and permitting of the Phase 1 for the upgrades to the Valley Creek Trunk Sewer system in Tredyffrin Township.

Currently, Tredyffrin Township has begun work on the Valley Creek Trunk Sewer Project. The construction which will include underground pipe and manhole replacement within the public roads, right-of-ways, easement areas and/or Township Parks. The Township has hired Neshaminy Construction. The work will be in portions of :

  • Rt 252
  • Maple Ave
  • Russell Rd
  • Conestoga Rd
  • Martins Ln
  • Revere Rd
  • Howellville Rd
  • Crabby Creek Park/Radbill Park

Work will begin during the week of January 28, 2013 and last through the end of November 2013.

This project is a major capital project with signification disturbance to the existing sanitary sewer easements. The Township looks for your patience during this construction. The Township and contractors will make all efforts to minimize any disruptions and inconveniences. However these temporary inconveniences will help to provide future functionality of the entire VCTS sanitary sewer system.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Township Engineering dept at 610-644-1400 or email.

Project Schedule

Project construction activities will be occurring in the following areas. Please stay tuned for future project updates:

  • Revere Rd - Sewer work and resurfacing completed as of June 4th - (Updated 6-7-13)
  • Martins Ln - Sewer work and resurfacing completed as of June 4th - (Updated 6-7-13)
  • Crabby Creek Park - Sewer work 95% completed as of June 4th - (Updated 6-7-13)
  • Swedesford Rd (between Westlakes Dr and Howellville Rd) - Work in progress through mid-September; weather dependent - (Updated 8-1-13)
  • Conestoga Rd (Between Teemer Field & Martins Ln) - Sewer work completed - (Updated 8-1-13)
  • Russell Rd (between Old Lancaster Rd & Sharon Ln) - Sewer work completed - (Updated 8-1-13)
  • Maple Ave (between Bearhill Rd & the cul-de-sac) - Sewer work completed - (Updated 8-15-13)
  • Intersection of Russell Rd and Old Lancaster Ave - Sewer work completed - (Updated 8-1-13)

Resident Communications

Valley Creek Trunk Sewer - Project Map

Communication Update 1 - 3-22-2012

Communication Update 2 - 12-3-2012

Communication Update 3 - 1-16-2012

Communication Update 4 - Telephone Message - 1-25-2013

Communication Update 5 - Telephone Message - Martins Ln - 2-11-13

Construction Update - 06 - Global Connect Script - Conestoga Rd - 6-27-13

Construction Update - 07 - Global Connect Script - Russell and Old Lancaster - 7-23-13

Construction Update - 08 - Global Connect Script - Conestoga Rd - 7-25-13

Construction Update - 09 - Global Connect Script - Maple Ave - 7-29-13

Construction Update - 10 - Global Connect Script - Swedesford Rd - 8-1-13

Construction Update - 11 - Global Connect Script - Teegarden Park - 8-1-13

Construction Update - 12 - Global Connect Script - Teegarden Park - 8-20-13