Woodland Road Emergency Culvert Replacement Project

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Woodland Road Emergency Culvert Replacement Project


View of excavation on downstream side of Woodland Road

In 2019, after two years of above average rainfall, the Township experienced sudden settlement in a portion of the roadway on Woodland Road in the Strafford area of Tredyffrin Township.  

The Township Engineering Department inspected the existing culvert pipe, which carries a tributary of Darby Creek underneath the roadway between 261 and 268 Woodland Road.  Township inspection found evidence of deterioration of the bottom of the corrugated metal pipe (CMP), as well evidence of soil loss underneath and around the pipe segments and upstream stormwater inlet box.  Cracks and displacement were also found on the downstream concrete end-wall structure.  The Township Public Works Department made temporary repairs to Woodland Road to allow residents to continue to access their properties, while the Engineering Department worked with our consultant Princeton-Hydro to plan and permit the replacement of the culvert and associated structures.  

The Township Engineering Department worked to obtain a GP-11 Permit from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) for replacement of the culvert, as well as with the two adjoining residents (261 and 268 Woodland Road) to obtain the necessary easements. 

The Board of Supervisors approved Township staff to proceed with this Emergency Replacement of the culvert pipe, given the condition of the old pipe and potential access and safety issues that would result if the roadway needed to be closed to traffic.  

Permits and easements were obtained by January/February 2020, and Township staff worked with our contractor to schedule the replacement of the culvert, storm inlets, and associated concrete head-wall/end-wall structures.  Work was planned to begin in March 2020, but was delayed due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak.  After the Governor reopened construction activities to resume on May 1, 2020, the project start was rescheduled and began on May 11, 2020.  The project is estimated to be completed in approximately 4-6 weeks, depending on weather.

Stay tuned for further project updates, as they become available.


View of Woodland Road looking at culvert crossing where work activities are underway


View of construction near the downstream stormwater inlet and head-wall


View of deteriorated CMP culvert pipe removed existing culvert


View of by-pass on Woodland Road allowing stream flow to be pumped around work site, while allowing passage of residential vehicle traffic

View at upstream culvert entrance showing deterioration of existing CMP culvert pipe


View of Unnamed Tributary to Darby Creek upstream of culvert pipe where stream by-pass is setup