Stormwater Task Force

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The Board of Supervisors has authorized a citizens’ Stormwater Advisory Task Force to assist the Township in characterizing stormwater problems and recommending solutions.





When rain falls in Tredyffrin, it’s not absorbed by the impervious surfaces on developed properties, but rather runs off as stormwater runoff.  When the amount and intensity of rainfall generates stormwater runoff that exceeds the capacity of storm drains and streams, then our roads, bridges, homes and businesses can be negatively impacted or even damaged.  In the last two years, storms have been particularly intense and stormwater issues have risen to the top of residents’ concerns.

Task Force Approach:

The Task Force is basing its approach on objective research and analysis.  It plans to build a comprehensive database of stormwater problems throughout the Township in order to allow classification and prioritization of problem areas.  At the same time, it is identifying potential project types, benchmarking other municipalities’ financing and ordinances to recommend improvements in Tredyffrin, developing resident education programs, and assessing strategies for maintaining and increasing the Township’s tree canopy.

The Task Force findings will be finalized and presented to the Board of Supervisors in the Spring of 2021, with interim opportunities for residents to provide input and feedback on emerging ideas.

The Task Force email address is  Resident input is encouraged!

Information Sources:

Here are a few great resources to build a basic understanding of stormwater issues:

  1.  Tredyffrin Stormwater Website
  2.  Tredyffrin's Changing Streams: BOS Presentation 4/22/2019 [PDF]
  3. Streams and Watersheds in Tredyffrin Township
  4.  Valley Creek Trustee Council
  5.  Trout Creek Study
  6.  Valley Creek Stream and Rainfall Gauge
  7.  Chester County Stormwater Management Website
  8.  Lancaster County Homeowners' Guide to Stormwater [PDF]
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  10. Naturalizing Your Yard [PDF]
  11. How to Create a Meadow in SE PA
  12.  Caring for Your Wetlands
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  14. Clean Water Begins With You [PDF]
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  16. Rain and Drainage Information [PDF]
  17. We All Live Down Stream [PDF]


Since 1895. the region has experienced a statistically significant rise in annual average temperature of over a quarter of a degree Fahrenheit every decade.  The trend in rainfall is not similarly statistically significant, but the four highest amounts since 1895 have occurred in the last 20 years. 

Temperature and Rainfall in Chester and Montgomery Counties 1895 – 2018