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Commercial Use & Occupancy Permits

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For commercial properties, Use and Occupancy permits are required prior to occupancy for:

A. new building construction;
B. commercial alteration of existing building or tenant space;
C. change of occupant;
D. change in use of a building or land;
E. prior to the change or extension of a nonconforming use (A use or activity that was lawful prior to the adoption, revision or amendment of this chapter, but that fails by reason of such adoption, revision or amendment to conform to the present requirements of the zoning district in which it is located.)

Applicants must complete and sign the Use and Occupancy Permit Application and submit it with the associated fee. Click here for the fee schedule.

For items A & B above, a Use and Occupancy permit application and fee must be submitted in conjunction with a Building Permit application. After the building permit is approved and all inspections are successfully completed, a use and occupancy permit will be issued. This process verifies that the construction was completed according to the approved building plans and applicable building and fire prevention codes.

For items C, D & E above, if proposing a change in commercial occupancy without any accompanying changes to a building, submit a use and occupancy application, including the architect's signature and seal on the application. It is important to indicate the proposed use and the proposed total gross floor area. A brief description should include additional information about the use and occupancy, such as the proposed use and what area the office will occupy. The Building Inspector will review for compliance with the Township's Zoning Ordinance, Building and Fire Prevention Codes. An inspection of the property for code compliance will follow. Once that is successfully completed, a use and occupancy permit will be issued.

For commercial uses, a Use and Occupancy permit cannot be issued until approval is obtained from other departments, including:

Public improvements & Stormwater management

Township Engineer   610-644-1400 

Sewer connections & use

Municipal Authority   610-408-3610

State registration

PA Department of Labor & Industry   717-787-3806

Highway Occupancy permit approval

Township Engineer and/or PennDOT   610-644-1400

Private wells or onsite septic systems

Chester County Health Department          610-344-6225

Use involving food preparation or commercial kitchens   

Chester County Health Department          610-344-6225