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Residential Use & Occupancy Permits

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Chapters 80, 163 and 208 of the Tredyffrin Township Code, and, by reference, the 2006 ICC Codes require Use and Occupancy permits for all new residential construction. This permit is not required for changes in residential ownership or tenancy.

Use and Occupancy Application [PDF]

Home Businesses

Some businesses are permitted to operate out of homes in residential districts (RC, R-½, R-1, R-2, R-3 and R-4) if they meet the following conditions:

No-Impact Home-Based Businesses are permitted by right if they meet the definition and requirements. No approval is necessary from Tredyffrin Township. If you require written confirmation from the Township that the business is authorized, send a letter to the Township certifying that your business will comply with all of the requirements for a no-impact home-based business and we will respond with written confirmation. Be sure to include the property address where the business will be located in the letter.

Home Occupation (or low-impact home-based business): A lawful occupation customarily or traditionally carried on within a dwelling by the inhabitants thereof, which use is incidental and subordinate to the use of the dwelling for living purposes and does not change the character thereof or involve the use of mechanical equipment other than that customarily used for purely domestic or hobby purposes. A home occupation in a residence district shall not be interpreted to include the following: a barbershop, beauty shop or hair stylist, tearoom, tourist home, mortuary, convalescent home or similar use of a commercial nature.

Each permitted home occupation must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Such use shall be located in the dwelling in which the person conducting the home occupation resides or within a building accessory thereto and shall not involve the use of any mechanical equipment other than that customarily used for purely domestic or hobby purposes.
  • Not more than one person shall be employed in such home occupation who is not a resident of the dwelling.
  • The area used for the home occupation shall not exceed either 600 square feet or 50% of the total floor area, whichever is the smaller area.
  • There shall be no display of products, storage of goods or materials or signs visible from outside the building, except for a name or accessory use sign, and there shall be no external evidence of the home occupation or alterations which would be inconsistent with the residential use or appearance of the building.