Street Lights & Signals

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Street Lights

The Township owns and operates approximately 1,800 street lights along dedicated township roads, local state roads, and in Township parks. The Township does not maintain street lights on private property, such as townhouse developments, apartment complexes, or commercial parking lots. Requests for new street lights require studies to be performed before being sent to the Board of Supervisors for review and approval.

To submit a street light request or to report a street light that is not functioning properly, please contact the Public Works Department or fill out the online form. To ensure the accurate location of the street light, please provide the exact address of the light and/or pole number.

Traffic Signals

The Township maintains 48 signalized intersections, 14 school signals and 1 flashing warning device. All the above devices are permitted by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) and updates and/or changes must be reviewed and approved by the local PennDOT office in King of Prussia. This process can take many months depending upon the degree of changes and amount of work or cost. The Township contracts with a private contractor for annual checkup and ongoing maintenance of the signals.

Traffic signals not working should be reported to the Public Works Department directly or by filling out the online form.

Requests for changes to the timing or operation of any signal should be submitted in writing to the Public Works Department.

Signs & Pavement Markings

The Township is responsible for installation and maintenance of traffic signs (regulatory, advisory, warning, informational, etc.) on Township roads. The justification and location of signs is directed by the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) which the Township follows. New sign installation requests are reviewed by the Traffic Committee. Traffic lines, crosswalks and intersection pavement markings are repainted on a yearly basis and some intersections have more permanent thermoplastic markings.

Signs and Markings on Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) roadways are PennDOT's responsibility, with the exception that the Township maintains speed limit signs of 35 MPH (and below) as well as signs required under a traffic signal permit.

Due to the growth of vegetation over time, signs can become blocked - rendering the sign useless and possibly creating a hazardous condition. It is the property owner's responsibility to properly maintain vegetation to allow full visibility of traffic signs.

Unclear pavement markings and malfunctioning signage should be reported to the Public Works Department or by filling out the online form